Things We Do at Stevensville UMC

There are lots of ways for you to get involved at the Stevensville United Methodist Church.  This page contains a list of some of the areas that may interest you on the navigation sidebar. Learn more about what we do by selecting an activity from the list.

How You Can Be in Ministry at SUMC!

Ad Council: This is the guiding body of our church, which provides overall vision, planning, 
 and evaluation of ministry. 
Mission Team: This group involves us in mission relief and awareness of needs around our 
community, state, country and all over the world, through special 
offerings, education, CROP Walk, mission trip experiences. 
Education Team: In our church this Education team organizes us and enables us to teach the 
faith through our Sunday School, weekday/evening classes and Vacation Bible 
School, for example. 
Trustees: This group is in charge of taking care of our physical property, buildings, 
parsonages the van, land, insurance and incorporation to name a few. This 
group organizes our “work days” and make sure we have a place to gather and 
do ministry. 
Finance Team: This team helps us learn about financial stewardship and oversees the care of 
our money. It also creates and maintains our budget and keeps us on track. 
Outreach Team: This group is the witness ministry of our church that develops evangelistic efforts 
 of sharing our personal and congregational stories of Christian experience, faith 
 and service. 
Staff Parish Relationship Team: The Staff Parish team is our human relations team which 
employs our staff and sets policies relating to their positions. 
Memorial Team: When memorial gifts are given to the church in memory of family members and 
friends, this group guides us in where and how those gifts are given. 
Worship Design Team: The Worship team meets to design and plan all our weekly and special 
worship services, to make them the most relevant and authentic worship 
experiences we can. 
Membership Care Team:  In this group, we do everything we can to take care of our church 
family: meals to shut-ins, visiting in homes and hospital, phone calls to 
check in, etc. 
Youth Ministry Team: This team provides support and council for our youth leaders in ministry 
for our middle school and high school youth. 
Please contact our Church Office if you are interested in becoming a member of any of the listed ministry areas or if you would like to pursue other areas in ministry not listed here.