Blue Christmas Service
December 21, 2017     .     7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Not everyone is holly, jolly, or filled with great joy during the Christmas season.  For some people, the season brings burdens of grief, pain, and isolation.  There are multiple reasons that people feel blue during this time of year.  The loss of loved ones, friends, home, jobs, marriages, health, and a host of other reasons can make these frigid gray days of shrinking light and growing darkness almost unbearable.  For some it is an occasional experience.  For others, it comes annually.  Such feelings are made more difficult to bear because we are immersend in a culter that is so full of upbeat music and joyful imagery.  The Longest Night or Blue Christmas Servie is a growing tradition in the church.  Itis a service that seeks to provide space to gather together, to support one another, and to acknowledge before God that we are struggling.  We will listen to scriptures of comfort, join together in meditation and prayer, sing gentle hymns, and try to remember that even on the darkest of nights, God comes not so much to "fix it" but simply to sit with us right where we are.  Wether you are struggling personally, or just want to be a supportive presence for those who are, we hope you will join us.