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Rons passing
posted by: Barb Levine on 7/3/2019

Please pray for my family my husband Ron who many of you know passed away suddenly yesterday. We have been married 53 years a I desperately need prayers for strength
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im tired of being abused
posted by: Sonya on 6/11/2019

I am tired of being abused by my husband,it's like a prison at home,time limits,told what we can watch,eat,wear, listen to, not allowed have friends or see family, having to have permission to go outside or to go anywhere even the doctor. He destroys anywhere we live, he beats me & if he helps with any bills or things that a husband is supposed to do for his wife & children I am charged a price no matter what it is he does for us, he doesn't do it because he supposed to or out of kindness for us , his price I have to pay is rape .... He forces sex on me. He is always bullying us & making fun of us and others. He talks nasty talk to me all the time & it doesn't matter where we are or who is around he talks nasty & perverted. He has a girlfriend he is cheating on me with. He threatens us constantly & looks at us with glaring nasty I wish you all would die looks . He has told us that he cares more about his car , He said that he won't let us go & that he won't give me a divorce because he is going to pay me child support & that if he can't have me no one else will either. He said that he would take the kids just to hurt me that he really doesn't want the kids & that we ruined his life. My husband is a convincing liar & has people in public & outside of our home thinking he is great guy when he's not, he dr jeckel & Mr Hyde,a monster to us. If I don't comply with his raping me he withholds money & any resemblance of his idea of affection from the kids. I am tired & the kids are tired of his abusiveness', we can't even laugh or make any noise in our house. If we are the slightest bit happy he gets angry & starts falsely accusing me & the kids of whatever he has in his head & kills any happiness or joy we have. Please pray for our protection & for us to be able to live & be happy. Please pray that my husband won't be able to continue to get away with his abuse of us ,that he will get what he deserves & no longer be able to hide his true self from others but will expose himself, please pray that something happens to stop & prevent him from raping me anymore. Please pray for blessings & good things to start happening for me & my kids, for good things to come to us & happen for us.
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My son Bret
posted by: Sonya on 5/28/2019

He steals from us, lies to me, has stolen from my youngest all her money banks. He has stolen my only key to my trailer that I use for storage & him & his girlfriend Mary refuse to give me back my key. I'm asking for prayers that I can get a blessing & miracle that I will get my key back or that I will be able to come up with the money & locksmith that will change all the locks on the doors in front & back so that I will have keys to my trailer again & what remains of my belongings that my son went through & stole from. Please pray for my son to stop his sinful ways & be a honest man. Please pray that stop lying & stealing & using drugs of all kinds & manner . I also need him to stop being lazy & become a hard worker & focus on work & becoming a successful worker & man.
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posted by: CAROL on 5/18/2019

Please pray for FErnando he works with me and got confronted about putting in sales order 3 days late, but turned it around and lied to say it was me taking three days to purchase material. I am the purchase agent so it looked like I did it. It was proven it was him but he still doesn't own up to his mistakes and has no guilt of what stress and grief he had caused me. Pray for salvation and pray for Allen as well because Allen and Fernando love to gossip and tell lies and cause strife among workers and get everyone fighting.
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Prayer Reuest
posted by: Reid on 4/30/2019

I am a victim of trauma based mind control and satanic ritual abuse. Please pray for removal of torture curses on my body, please pray for tormenting spirits to be cast away. People are doing a summoning ritual on me. Please pray for protection and intervention on those that will be hurt in this ritual. Please pray for protection from trauma for them, please pray for intervention on anyone that will be traumatized forcefully. Please pray for my peace and theirs. Please pray for God to enter me. Please pray for protection from being forced to worship the antichrist, please pray for protection from being forced into summoning rituals with him, pray for the deals I have to be nullified. Please pray for deals I have with him all together to be nullified. Please pray for cleansing of my heart in any way that the antichrist has corrupted it. Thank you. Please pray to healing and protection of my heart in any way that trauma has corrupted it. Please pray over protection for my heart. God bless you.
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Financial miracle to get a home of my own
posted by: L on 4/22/2019

Need a financial miracle so I can afford to get out of my mentally ill roommates place, and get a home of my own. This person is driving me crazy with their mental illness. I have no were else to go, and with rent being as high as it is in my state, you got to be rich to even get a small one bedroom or even a studio apt. This person gives me a great room rental rate so that's why I stay. But I cant take it anymore. I am so stressed out due to this person and very depressed. I need help !
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posted by: on 4/16/2019

We are facing impossible difficulties. Pray God will help us Himself in all areas of life AND to overcome what we are facing with grace given to us, and help us to trust Jesus without fear or doubt and to bring some people into our lives who help us quickly, and for peace, health and protection
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posted by: Dustin Kleffner on 3/20/2019

Checking... M Dustin Kleffner to prayerrequest Jan 28Details Pray for me to get into the bible and for my health and for guidance and for all my friends and for all my family and extended family for the government and for all the jails in the world and for all the prisons in the world and also can you pray for the countries of north korea and south korea and for Iraq and for Iraq and for Russia and for China and for Syria and Pakistan and Egypt and Israel and for Palestine and Saudi Arabia and for the former Soviet union and for a guy named micah thanks
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Life Issues
posted by: Michelle Brown on 3/9/2019

Please pray for those who are doing things to me that makes me too sick to carry out a normal life. Pray for a turn around in my situation.
I will pray  
posted by: Sid Nelson on 2/21/2019

Please pray for.....Kay Key-pain......Ken Nelson-Afib......Ken Fields-lung issues.....Jodi Cover-cancer......Sid Nelson-hip pain due to a recent fall.Thank you and God bless you.Sid Nelson Alabama.
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