Rev. David Hills, Pastor
cell: 989-330-3730
work: 269-429-5911
Skype: david.f.hills
Twitter: Padredave

What do you like about your position at SUMC? 
I enjoy being part of a staff and congregation that understand ministry is not meant to happen only inside the building among ourselves, but must move out into the community and indeed the world to share the love of Jesus Christ as we serve others.  SUMC is a highly mission minded church, which was a strong part of my desire to accept my appointment here.  I also love what the church has done with it's worship space and worship services.  This is a congregation willing to try new things while holding to the eternal truths of our faith.
What do you like most about  SUMC?
That's easy.  The people!  After several years doing ministry in a supervisory role it is wonderful to be in a congregation again.  Living,  learning, and worshiping together through the joys and sorrows, successes and challenges of life and faith is life sustaining.  Without the people, SUMC would only be a building.  
What is your favorite Scripture verse?
Not so easy.  Today, in an increasingly divisive culture both inside and outside the church, I think of Matthew 5:9 often:  "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God."  I claim that not as some affirmation of who I am, but as an aspiration of who I hope to become in Christ.  I truly believe we can live a peace amidst very diverse views of life, faith, politics, etc...It is the Adversary who seeks to divide us.  Jesus clearly calls us to a ministry of reconciliation and mutual love.
What do you like doing outside of SUMC?
Too many things to list.  In terms of ministry, I have participated in or led 16 mission teams to Haiti having fallen in love with the people there on my first trip.  I've been involved in Sr. High Summer Camps, and serve on numerous boards and committees within the United Methodist Church.  Personally, I enjoy running, hiking, singing, and being near the water.
Tell us about your family?
Claire and I met at Adrian College and were married in 1980.  We have 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren, none of whom live as close as we would like.   
What are your hobbies?
I've become a bit of a coffee fanatic.  Okay, maybe more than a bit.  I own two coffee roasters and purchase green coffee beans from around the world through two primary distributors.  I enjoy the global harvest, the different coffees that become available at certain times of year, and playing with the roast.  It's better tasting, cheaper, and the growers typically get better than fair trade pricing for their beans.